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Here's what we are doing about It

Youths care deeply about societal issues and the future of our country. These issues will impact ourselves and the people around us. Learn more about what fellow youths are doing below. Do your part to join the conversation and take action.

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Youth Action

The importance of a healthy mind-set

How having a healthy growth mindset can be useful when it comes to upskilling

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Youth Action

Creating a safe online dating space

LYNC - our alum from YAC season 3 is making big changes in the online dating scene

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Youth Action

Why it's essential to unwind after work to prevent burnout.

Every so often we have a tough day at work and many of us take the stresses of our jobs home without even realising.

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Youth Action

Is feeling seen enough? Mental health talk on social media is missing nuance

If there's one upside to the pandemic, it's this: we've felt obliged, culturally, to make further efforts to destigmatize mental illness.

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Youth Action

Youth's take on destigmatizing mental illnesses and how we can do our part to help

Thanks to Covid, mental health and wellness has become a big part of everyday conversations.

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Youth Action

The big difference between Thriving and Surviving - what can we do?

Youths share their mental health journey and experts weigh in on how to overcome mental health struggles.

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Why This Matters

Being affected by mental health issues is not abnormal and many youths have experienced problems in coping.

1 in 7 adults have experienced a mood, anxiety or alcohol use disorder in their lifetime, with youths (18-34 years old) being of higher risk of experiencing so¹.

Despite the fact that many youths are facing mental health issues, 60% have a misconception that such issues are self-imposed and 50% are unwilling to live or work with people with mental health issues².

An inclusive and caring society where no one has to struggle with mental health alone.

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Samaritans of Singapore 1800-221-4444

Singapore Association
for Mental Health 1800-283-7019

Institute of Mental
Health helpline 6389-2222

Tinkle Friend

Care Corner Counselling
Centre (Mandarin) 1800-353-5800

Mental Well-being Toolkit
Find relevant resources to aid your mental well-being and support your peers. Explore Resource
Youth Mental Well-being Network
Connect with other like-minded youth in this network Explore Resource
  • 1 Singapore Mental Health Study 2016
  • 2 NCSS Study on Attitudes towards Persons with Mental Health Conditions 2017