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Here's what we are doing about It

Youths care deeply about societal issues and the future of our country. These issues will impact ourselves and the people around us. Learn more about what fellow youths are doing below. Do your part to join the conversation and take action.

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Youth Action

YAC S2 Team How Are You? We Care! Normalises checking in with one another

More Than "I'm Good" campaign to encourage youths to share their feelings

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Government Initiative
Youth Action

Join Youth Mental Well-being Network projects today!

Youth Mental Well-being Network empowers youth to create projects, focusing on mental well-being awareness and destigmatizing help-seeking

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Youth Action

What Am I, If I Am Not | Mental health exhibition

ThisConnectToday launched 3rd exhibition to promote mental health awareness

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Government Initiative

Spicy Questions Roulette: Workplace Edition

Parl Sec Eric Chua and Assistant Director, TOUCH Andrea Chong answers some spicy workplace questions!

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Government Initiative

Bosses & Employees Play Never Have I Ever

NYC x TSL – Mental health struggles in the workplace and community

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Government Initiative

Bare It All Jenga Challenge! IGTV

NYC x TSL – MOS Alvin and NYC Member Christopher Gordon share tips on how to build emotional resilience

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Why This Matters

Being affected by mental health issues is not abnormal and many youths have experienced problems in coping.

1 in 7 adults have experienced a mood, anxiety or alcohol use disorder in their lifetime, with youths (18-34 years old) being of higher risk of experiencing so¹.

Despite the fact that many youths are facing mental health issues, 60% have a misconception that such issues are self-imposed and 50% are unwilling to live or work with people with mental health issues².

An inclusive and caring society where no one has to struggle with mental health alone.

Explore Resources


Samaritans of Singapore 1800-221-4444

Singapore Association
for Mental Health 1800-283-7019

Institute of Mental
Health helpline 6389-2222

Tinkle Friend

Care Corner Counselling
Centre (Mandarin) 1800-353-5800

Mental Well-being Toolkit
Find relevant resources to aid your mental well-being and support your peers. Explore Resource
Youth Mental Well-being Network
Connect with other like-minded youth in this network Explore Resource
  • 1 Singapore Mental Health Study 2016
  • 2 NCSS Study on Attitudes towards Persons with Mental Health Conditions 2017