Here’s what we are doing about It

Youths care deeply about societal issues and the future of our country. These issues will impact ourselves and the people around us. Learn more about what fellow youths are doing below. Do your part to join the conversation and take action.

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Government Initiatives

Zhng up your resume with regional exposure!

See what the Asia-Ready Exposure Programme is all about

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Youth Action

Tell me about it: Our First Jobs

Find out how Singaporeans survived embarrassing job interviews and overcoming fears!

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Government Initiatives

Turn your Traineeship into a full-time job!

8 tips shared by actual supervisors

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Government Initiatives

Join as a mentor for Project SOAR 2021

An 8-month mentorship programme by M3 @Jurong for the Malay-Muslim community

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Government Initiatives

New mentoring alliances for action for youth

Resources on mentoring to help youth achieve their full potential

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Youth Action

The Rise of Alternative Careers

During disruption, they switched careers into food-based industries

Issue in Spotlight

Jobs & the Future of Work


Why This Matters

93% of youths view having a successful career an important life goal, but only 52% feel equipped for the future economy¹. COVID-19 has impacted the job prospects of youths, with youths reporting increased challenges in securing employment, especially fresh graduates aged 20-24 years old².

Our Vision

Amidst uncertainty, we want to equip ourselves for the future economy.

Explore Resources

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Mentoring Circle by MClub
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Job, traineeship and skills training opportunities to support Singaporeans Learn more
  • 1 National Youth Survey 2019
  • 2 NYC Economic Situation Poll and NYC Sentiment Tracker 2020