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Problem Statement

How can we create an ecosystem where local stores and consumers can work together to reduce single-use waste?

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Problem Statement

COVID-19 has accelerated our pollution problem. The surge in online deliveries has caused an increase in packaging waste. This puts the burden of plastic recycling on the consumer. Furthermore, the economics of plastic recycling is depreciating and the

Project Description

Wego Bago strives to provide a cost-friendly and convenient solution to minimise single-use packaging.

Through a closed-loop ecosystem where local stores can partner up with them to drop the

Wego Bago


From a scale of 1-5, how much does environmentally friendly packaging impact your buying choices? (1 being no impact at all, 5 being the strongest impact)

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From your experience, is it inconvenient to dispose of your packaging responsibly?

  • Yes
  • No

Would you consider paying a premium if someone helped you to dispose of your products conveniently and responsibly?

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Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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