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Problem Statement

How can we support these small business owners better to set them up for success?

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Problem Statement

COVID-19 has caused many Singaporeans to face losses in income and financial support. As a result, many individuals have started home food businesses as a supplement or as their sole source of income. However, some of them struggle with issues such as

Project Description

UTBT aims to build an online platform, HOMEFAN, a brand and community for Singaporeans to proudly support local home businesses. They hope to uplift struggling home food business owners affected by COVID



How should we develop our criteria for which businesses/business owners we are helping? What should the process look like? How do we also ensure it’s highly accessible?

How do we reach this target group? What should the marketing strategy look like?

How do we get Singaporean residents to help organically drive and build this community?

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


Contact Details

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