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Problem Statement

How do we promote local food producers and make the purchase process of local produce more efficient and effective?

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Urban Origins

Hua Zhen, Ning Xuan, Suzanna, Charmaine, Fasihah

Environment & Sustainability,
Food Security

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Problem Statement

With a mismatched supply and demand for local produce, it can be inconvenient to purchase from local farms. Small-holder local farms tend to have difficulties getting produce to customers as they get overwhelmed with trying to han

Project Description

Urban Origins is an impact-driven ground-up initiative that seeks to make local produce and locally-made food visible and convenient to purchase by matching supply from small-holder urban farms to demand from home-based F&B busines

Urban Origins


What are your pain points when looking for local groceries?

What would motivate you to buy locally-produced or locally-manufactured food?

I think that it is important/not important to buy from local food producers and manufacturers because ___________ .

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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