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Problem Statement

How can we help support University students better and make professional services more accessible to them?

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Shenelle Goh, Jorine How, Aries Tan

Mental Well-being,
Reducing Stigma

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Problem Statement

University students encounter a lot of stress especially during exam periods and they often struggle to seek help due to associated stigma, fear of judgement from the public & peers, and intimidation of the formal clinical setting. How can we help support them better and make professional services more accessible to them?

Project Description

TRIO aims to create an online platform, "Asking for a Friend", where students can submit their stories and concerns to receive advice and answers from a professional clinical psychologist, psychiatrist or other students. 

It is hoped that their stories and associated responses will facilitate safe and constructive discussions regarding mental health issues, reducing any associated negative stigma surrounding the issue. 

To carry this out, the team aims to work with local universities to create this platform/ forum and have it available on the school's student portal and app.



Do you think that our proposed idea is feasible? Why and why not?

Would you find yourself using this service during your university journey?

  • Yes
  • No

What other resources do you think we would need to equip with in order to be successful with our implementation? E.g. Like who should we approach for the counsellors to be onboard in the app, or any other ideas

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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