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Problem Statement

How can we provide a user-friendly management system to empower young home-based business owners to grow and manage their brands?

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SG Local Business

Lionel Low, Naw Ing, Jotham Tan, Camy Tan

Jobs & the Future of Work,
The Future Workplace

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Problem Statement

There is an increasing trend in youth wanting to start their own businesses, with many using Google forms and Direct messaging on social media platforms as their form of communication with customers. However, these inefficient order-management platform

Project Description

SG Local Business is a Shopify-like platform aimed to help youth entrepreneurs grow their businesses, automate processes to reduce human errors and simple marketing analytics. With the platform, it wil

SG Local Business
SG Local Business


What do you think are the challenges that home-based business owners encounter?

Is it important for home-based business owners to have a website?

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Feel free to give us feedback on our prototype we would like to create for home-based businesses at

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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