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Problem Statement

How do we foster a diverse and inclusive community network that will effectively engage everyone to implement and improve youth projects?

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SG Discuss

Julian Choo, Jennifer Lim, Hoang Viet Giang Huong, Serene Soon , Natalie Hong

Jobs & the Future of Work,
The Future Workplace

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Problem Statement



There is a general lack of connectivity among Values-In-Action (VIA) Projects and other stakeholders such as volunteers, organizations and the general public. These projects face a myriad of challenges, such as inaccessibl

Project Description

SG Discuss is a community accelerator project which aims to help youth-led community projects gain meaningful traction, leading ultimately to fruition.

They aim to build an online-to-offline platform to provide

SG Discuss
SG Discuss


(To community projects) What are your engagement metrics to measure the level of community engagement?

(To volunteers) What are the challenges you face volunteering with your community projects?

(To general public) What would you like to contribute to community projects?

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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