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Problem Statement

How can we help people with dementia with their rejection and loneliness, and support them so they can feel accepted?

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Esther Chan, Winston Choong, Andrew Pang, Jack Kong

Support for Vulnerable Groups,
Helping vulnerable families / individuals affected by COVID-19

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Problem Statement

According to the Well-being of the Singapore Elderly (WiSE) study led by the Institute of Mental Health, one in 10 people aged 60 and above may have dementia, and there is a rising trend of people suffering from this condition. Persons with dementia st

Project Description

Memento is the Latin word for 'Remember'. The team's aim is to raise awareness and education of persons with dementia, so as to better integrate them into society. They want to give them a renewed purpose t



Would you be open to eating at a cafe/bistro where most of the staff have dementia and may forget your order?

  • Yes
  • No

How would you feel if you could not recognise the face and voice of your loved ones?

Would you want persons with dementia to feel accepted and be a part of our community?

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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