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Problem Statement

What if we could bring back the Kampong spirit and build such a network around you at your convenience - situated right where you live?

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Tham Jun Han, Grace Ann Chua, Valencia Wong

Mental Well-being,
Enhancing peer support

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Problem Statement

Mental well-being is deteriorating amongst the youths due to factors such as COVID-19. To make things worse, many youths lack a strong peer support network to help tide them through difficult times. What if we could bring back the Kampong spirit and bu

Project Description

Friendzone aims to create more friendships between young adults in neighbourhoods to build a network of trusted peers to support each other through tough times.

To do so, Friendzone organises thematic conversations&nb



If you are a young adult (18-35), how many other young adults do you know (i.e. you can approach them) in your neighbourhood?

Do you have close friends in your neighbourhood?

Have you spoken to your neighbours in the past week?

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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