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Problem Statement

How can we encourage Singaporeans to tackle this issue together by participating in composting?

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Compost Together!

Lin Ke Xin, Jasmine , Lee Ying Tung , Nur Aliya Bte Mohd Wari

Environment & Sustainability,
Zero Waste (reduce waste, encourage use of reusable and recycling)

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Problem Statement

Food waste, amounting to 744 million kg, accounts for about 10% of total waste generated in Singapore, but only 18% of the food waste is actually recycled. We can do more to reduce food waste, and composting is one of many avenues identified. However,

Project Description

CompostTogether aims to set up composting facilities in community gardens, so that residents in surrounding HDBs are able to conveniently and easily dispose of their food waste in a sustainable manner. This includes teaching volunteers how to compost,

Compost Together!
Compost Together!


Would you be willing to travel to your nearest community garden to drop off your food waste, given clear instructions on what food waste is accepted & directions to the location?

  • Yes
  • No

What issues do you foresee while trying to contribute your food waste to the community composting initiative?

How much, and what kind of, food waste do you generate? a) Examples: Vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc. b) NOTE: Need not be exact, simply a personal gauge.

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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