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Problem Statement

How can we help millennials lead a happier and healthier life by normalising the conversation on mental health? 

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Calm Collective Asia

Sabrina Ooi, Luqman Mohamed, Alyssa Reinoso

Mental Well-being,
Reducing Stigma

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Problem Statement

The stigma around mental health is still prevalent across many Asian cultures, making it difficult for individuals with mental health conditions to seek treatment or support out of fear of being dismissed or judged by people around them. How can we hel

Project Description

Calm Collective Asia aims to build a digital community platform for people to learn about mental health, make helpful connections, and be part of a supportive community. 

The platform's three main conten

Calm Collective Asia
Calm Collective Asia
Calm Collective Asia
Calm Collective Asia


What mental health topics would you like to learn more about?

  • Real stories
  • Strategies to cope with mental health
  • Talks: Learning more about mental illness
  • Empathy Circles: Join in intimate conversations

What are you grateful for today?

Do you know someone who has faced mental health challenges?

  • Yes
  • No

Any further feedback on how to improve the project?


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