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World Intellectual Property Day Youth Video Competition

The World Intellectual Property Day 2022 Youth Video Competition is an opportunity for youths to share their ideas on how innovation and creativity backed by intellectual property rights can help build a better future. WIPO has launched a video competition for youths on the theme: We are young and innovative: Let’s build a better future with IP!

The recording may focus on any content to show how innovative solutions, supported by intellectual property rights are tackling a given challenge of a great concern to young people (For example, climate change, sustainable living, youth empowerment).

Youths (18 – 35 years old) can register and submit a short video (no more than 90 seconds) for a chance to win digital equipment of their choice worth up to CHF 5,000 (~SGD 7,000). Youths may enter one individual entry or a group entry. Only one entry per private individual or group is allowed.

What are you waiting for? Join the competition now!

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