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Finding Your Sound: Storytelling through immersive audio experience

The world of technology moves so incredibly fast that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Audio is a huge part of that, and as the music, broadcast and entertainment industry has grown immensely alongside technology over the past decade — along with the gaming and video industries — there is always a need to keep pushing boundaries.

Join us in an invigorating discussion with audio and music experts about how they are pushing the boundaries in audio content with more narrative possibilities in terms of storytelling. Learn how they turn an idea into a captivating sound experience and get a chance to bring your creative visions to life.

Here’s what to expect:

– Participate in a discussion with audio experts about how stories of identity & aspirations and sounds can come together to create a profound impact on people.

– Participate in an ideation session that plays on the principles of storytelling and audio where you get to bring your own ideas surrounding a particular theme of choice you feel passionate about to life.

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