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Clean Water from Clean Energy – Harnessing Solar Energy for a More Sustainable Tomorrow

With water demand projected to almost double by 2060 as compared to today, PUB Singapore’s (PUB) energy needs will increase as we rely more on weather-resilient yet energy-intensive sources – NEWater and desalinated water. A key strategy to manage our energy use is increasing renewable energy production through the deployment of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on our land installations and on our reservoirs.

PUB has been striving to help Singapore achieve its national solar target of at least 2 gigawatt-peak (GWp) by 2030, contributing to efforts to fight climate change. We are investing in solar deployment to go green in its operations and use clean energy to produce clean water. This is a major step that PUB has taken after many years of careful study and testing to increase our energy options and reduce our carbon footprint.

Through this talk, we hope the audience will understand PUB’s thinking behind harnessing solar energy, and the efforts that PUB has taken to produce each drop of clean tap water at the turn of a tap in a sustainable manner. Through this, we hope that each and every person in Singapore will learn to value our water resources and commit to using water wisely.

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