Project Kampong
Centralised Platform For All

It’s true that no solution is perfect when addressing community issues. However, many isolated ground up initiatives do not have their own integrative asset network, as compared to most social service professionals and non-profit organisations. This means that some cases might fall through the cracks.

Seeing this issue, team Project Kampong hopes that their solution can close this gap through the Youth Action Challenge! Catch our past videos to discover their journey and the workshops they've experienced to get their idea to this point.


ky_  2020-07-16 15:53:56

This is a nice initiative!! Often, individuals who are interested to solve community issues are unable to accomplish anything on their own/lack an all-rounded team with different skill sets to value add to the project. I like that the platform makes it easier for projects to be realised by connecting people with similar ideas and providing resources to bring ideas to life. best of luck to the team: )

Wei Ling  2020-07-16 12:41:52

Hey! I think this is a really interesting idea, especially during COVID-19, many ground-up initiatives have sprung up & they are oftentimes looking to collaborate with relevant stakeholders. The platform that you have suggested has the potential to consolidate the landscape and allow for more efficient and effective communication among various stakeholders. All the best! :-)

Jeremiah Wee  2020-07-15 22:51:23

Since every stakeholder has different expectations and can contribute at different levels, how well the platform can manage that without asking too much from their stakeholders will be a tricky thing to juggle! Nice idea, all the best!

Beverly Chan  2020-07-14 23:47:59

i like this idea!!!! though i think the highest barrier this app would face would be getting people to adopt this platform, i believe a lot more emphasis needs to be placed on this translation from planning to execution. good job though :)

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 18:31:05

Great idea on having a centralised platform. Would be good to also include gamification elements, e.g. users need to complete tasks, and go up the rank to become Estate Leader or District Mayor.


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