Juvenile Crime
Do Good, Feel Good

Some youths may go astray in life, but who helps to guide them back on the right path?

With personal experiences with youths at risk, Project Juvenile Crime wants to stop wasting precious lives through their innovative idea for the Youth Action Challenge! Catch our past videos to discover their journey as they refine their idea.

Stay tuned for the remaining pitches to come and take part in this season by giving a score and sharing your feedback.


Lisa  2020-07-17 14:43:13

A highly feasible idea with SUBSTANCE pitched with STYLE!! Good job team!

Liying  2020-07-17 11:10:00


See Hion Baey  2020-07-17 08:54:33

This may be small step that you have started to share and care. Please do not stop here, there are more juvenile crimes can be prevented if everyone can do a little more. Hope to see more projects in future and be confident - you can do it!

Annamalai Anbarasu  2020-07-16 23:14:47

Good idea. Keep the youths off the street and crime

Ponnu Swamy Periyaswamy  2020-07-16 23:02:15

Nice idea??

Meena  2020-07-16 22:58:38

Good job

Alagarsamy Harini  2020-07-16 22:18:26

Great Job on creating awareness

Selene Chua  2020-07-16 19:39:19

Good job for being socially aware and actively engaged in solving real-world problems in our community!

helloo its me  2020-07-16 18:12:39

impressive video presentation and project ! so proud of your Juvenile crime project and all the best!!

Anjali Mathivanan  2020-07-16 17:07:16

SO IMPACTFUL!!!!!! CREATIVE YOUTHS THAT THINK ABOUT A SITUATION THAt not many Singaporeans know about and are raising awareness about it! YALL ARE amazing am rooting for you guys!!!!! PROJECT JUVENILE CRIME FOR THE WIN!!!!

Shahqilah Fazal  2020-07-16 16:58:28

It is amazing to see empowering youths who are able to address the ongoing issues regarding juvenile crimes. Definitely a great initiative and video. All the best :))

Jiating Fu  2020-07-16 16:21:20

It’s heartening to see that we have youths who care! All the best and carry on to impact and influence!

ang krystal  2020-07-16 16:19:27

Excellent thought on this project! This is such a meaningful activity which not only offers help and guidance to other youths but also sets a role model for other teenagers ! Im so excited and proud of what this team Juvenile has accomplished.

Seok Chin Goh  2020-07-16 16:09:00

Great job! Short n simple presentation that shares the interesting insights and ideas for the youths at risk! All these little steps count! All the best to influence more in sharing and caring!

Nurul Atiqah  2020-07-16 16:08:18

so proud of u guys!!** accidentally press question mark HAHA

Nurul Atiqah  2020-07-16 16:08:17

so proud of u guys!!** accidentally press question mark HAHA

Nurul Atiqah  2020-07-16 16:06:07

Very thoughtful project! Its very heartening to see that this group has instill a positive idea and support for the youths which is very crucial to have . With this idea, it can certainly influence youths positively.Awesome iniative guyss and well done for the effort in this!! so proud of u guyss ??

Betty Lim  2020-07-16 15:54:23

Great initiative and video presentation to share thoughts and concerns that impact the youths. Great job ITE CW!

Dennis  2020-07-16 15:15:34

This project is impressive. Helping youth and guiding them is one of the very important initiatives before we can talk about how each one of them can contribute to the society in the future. Being a mentor figure for these youth and giving them advice as well as attention is definitely very important. Very well done. Totally impressive. 5 thumbs up!!!

CW Lim  2020-07-16 15:13:04

This project is impressive. Helping youth and guiding them is one of the very important initiatives before we can talk about how each one of them can contribute to the society in the future. Being a mentor figure for these youth and giving them advice as well as attention is definitely very important. Very well done. Totally impressive. 5 thumb up!!!

George Balonggay  2020-07-16 15:12:24

This group of youths had raised a refreshing approach to critical social issues in the society especially in connecting and influencing other youths positively. We need relevant and impactful projects like this!

Lim Wee Lian  2020-07-16 15:10:36

It is delighted to see youths spearheading this meaningful project idea :) Well done :)

Malcolm Chung  2020-07-16 15:00:28

It is really a cool to see our youths planning and implementing the project in such a positive fashion to assist their peers in need. Well done :)

Serina Wai  2020-07-16 14:26:14

It is very heartening to see our young folks concerned about their fellow peers who may stray and be tempted by negative influences. This project is well thought of, yet to the point and very much feasible. Good job!

Hau Wen Hui  2020-07-15 22:50:30

it's a very good idea !! keep it up !!

Muthukumar Periyakaruppan  2020-07-15 21:04:48

Good job.

Tay Yenzu  2020-07-15 20:46:48

It's a way for us to show support to teenager who need extra help and listening ear! It's really a good initiative and idea from the team :)

Chin Yong Rey Ng  2020-07-15 20:21:07

Good job

Mesut Aizil  2020-07-15 15:03:26

Any form of sports is a good form of SuPpORT.

Ameerul Rahim  2020-07-15 14:13:33

An excellent initiative by them to curb these juvenile crime! Together, collectively may we spur our youths to do greater things for themselves and building the foudation to have a successful career ahead!

Cami Yeow  2020-07-15 11:36:45

so good

Chuen Heng Lee  2020-07-14 22:56:14

befriending and achieving a common goal together through kayaking is a good way of building healthy friendships and ultimately fighting Juvenile crime! Well done!

Dinesh  2020-07-14 22:33:26

Wow Kani so pretty uh

Zachary  2020-07-14 22:27:22

I think this programme is a good step forward in dealing with juvenile crime. Though some have mentioned that similar programmes have been introduced, I liken to see that the novelty of using kayaking to engage youths-at-risk would attract more of them to take up the sport. I especially like the idea of creating a virtuous cycle: empowering youths who benefitted from the programme to become mentors in the future would, indeed, foster in them a sense of belonging to the wider community!

BH WANG  2020-07-14 21:26:00

This is an excellent platform and opportunity for youth to explore into sports to improve their skills on the sports and also to make new friends. I would say the exploration stage is extremely important and valuable as that serve as an important piece to help youth to make a decision eventually to pursue a full-time sports or for competitive leisure.

Phuay Zhi Min  2020-07-14 17:59:14

One word for this. Impressive!!

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 17:43:56

There are many sports-related mentorship programs for youth-at-risk. It is a unique program to chose kayak as the sport. On the other hard, the team should also include other sports in the future, e.g. basketball, as some youths may not be comfortable being in the water. It would be better if the team can further explain on how this program can have an impact on reducing juvenile crime.

Jackson Koh  2020-07-14 17:07:56

A great way to allow youths to cultivate or find a new interest in :) This also allows them to make more friends and develop team spirit.

Ng Kah Heng  2020-07-14 16:03:18

Giving young people a chance to explore something that is healthy is good for them to not stray from getting invlove in illegal activites! Good Job!

Luo Ming Chan  2020-07-14 11:37:01

Providing these youths the opportunities to be active contributors for the community would expose them to meeting different people from various walks of life. Perhaps the team can seek to get more support and recognition from Singapore Sports Council, where job opportunities could be explored too?

Yao HUi Chua  2020-07-14 11:25:11

Wow, it is definitely a a good idea to use sports to cultivate camaraderie between them. Perhaps it might be even better to use team sport such as basketball, football or volleyball to improve the ability to work together towards a common goal.

Joshua Chong  2020-07-14 00:34:01

Amazing idea able to enhance personal skills set and might be able to unlock a new hobby for the youths. In time youth might be good at kayaking and end up taking this sport as a full time sport, ending up in national games or even become a coach in the future where they are able to teach other youth in the fun of kayaking?? amazing idea guys!


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