No More Mishaps

With the number of accidents occurring in Singapore due to hearing disabilities, team AmbiSense feels there’s more to be done! Existing solutions are either not suitable or have limitations that hinder their effectiveness.

By leveraging on technology, the team aims to meet the needs and wants of those who suffer from hearing disabilities with their solution! Catch our past videos to see the journey they took and the workshops they've experienced to get their idea to this point.


Paul Pfeiffer  2020-07-16 14:41:29

It is good to see such a well-thought-out application that targets a social problem many of us are oblivious to today. Kudos to your team! I can see the possible integration of your product with live speech-to-text products to further aid those with hearing disabilities to detect situational crises. Perhaps this may be a possible direction for this product.

Thomas Wu  2020-07-15 23:50:52

Its admirable that there has been in depth research done on existing alternatives to this issue, while highlighting the limitations from current alternatives and the pain points which Ambisense aims to solve. In addition, stakeholders and many potential partners were considered thoughtfully with their feedback, making this one of the ideas with the highest potential for success.

Rishab Mahesh  2020-07-15 23:33:13

A keen and thoughtful idea that could have a great positive impact, fulfilling the needs of the hearing impaired in our community. Keep up the good work!

Jing Qi  2020-07-15 23:23:16

Great idea! Hope it can be implemented to provide an accessible solution for hearing impaired. It has much potential to incorporate more sounds.

Renuka Raghavan  2020-07-15 16:39:22

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.”- Nelson Mandela This initiative by team AMBISENSE is worthy of appreciation as it will make a difference and reap tangible, beneficial results for the society.

Amitesh Sivaraman  2020-07-15 11:01:23

Amazing work! This is a very creative application of machine learning methods to deliver a functioning and useful solution. Often times, engineering design tends to be so focused on the technical breakthrough that it forgets the communities that it is serving or the essential 'huma' touch that actually makes it usable. I think this project turns that around with the aim of delivering an effective solution that is specifically targeted at the hearing impaired community, by taking into full consideration their actual needs. A clear indication of a technology that will not only be effective but also impactful.

Bernard Heng  2020-07-15 00:49:36

It's awesome that the project attempts to make safety accessible for minorities such as the hearing impaired community! I definitely look forward to the scaling of this project nationwide and into the fitbit, which is pretty much free for everyone - making it even more accessible!

Sundeep Velu  2020-07-14 23:44:11

Great work! We the more fortunate members of the society have an obligation to build a more inclusive and considerate society for the less fortunate ones. The current inadequacies in technology and the percentages/data on the number of accidents are alarming. We need to make the world a safer place for the disabled to live in. This is great initiative in making the lives of the hearing impaired easier. I think this idea is actionable and that are other possibilities for this technology if developed further. Really hope this idea comes to fruition.

Amanda Lee  2020-07-14 23:13:29

Thank you for the effort to help out our hearing impaired community through the easy to access and use app. Unlike expensive hearing aid, this app provides a wider reach since majority of us have the habit of carrying our phones with us whether indoor or outdoor. Identifying the different sounds through the app to provide timely alert to the road condition and compensate for the lack of sight from the back to keep them safe is brilliant. I hope the app also incorporate a strong vibration alert/pattern option as well so that users need not look at the screen for reading alert. This initiative has great potential to benefit not only our hearing impaired community. It can be adopted to keep our hard of hearing elderly safe as well. The concept of incorporating the app into HPB tracker will probably require more fine tuning. It is a great idea but the execution of it will require greater efforts due to the current limitation of the tracker such as battery life and time lag in synchronising. Looking forward to see this app being launch soon.

Adela Chew  2020-07-14 23:09:38

Glad that this idea to help ease the mental, physical and financial burden of low-income student is finally put forth and conceptualize with support from community, government and private companies. Throughout my years as a student, I have come across many of my low-income families’ classmates and friends who have to juggle studying and working part-time on weekday evening and over the weekends. Some even have to put their studies on hold for alternate semester just to earn sufficient fund to pay for their school fees and support their family. The accommodating skill training, customized bitesize lessons and providing of financial assistance will greatly aid them in finding a rewarding part-time job while letting them continue to purse their studies with fewer disruptions. Awesome initiative to address the long overdue social issue that our students from low-income families.

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 17:33:28

Good that Ambisense chose to focus on top 3 sounds first. Would also expand on bicycle bells, to include sounds from PMD devices, e.g. e-scooters, e-bikes, e-wheelchairs. Other than fire alarm, can also include lift breakdown alarm, or door knock alert.

WeiJian  2020-07-14 13:26:02

Great idea and solid prototype for a more inclusive society! A suggestion to include sound identification of numbers read out from queue ticket machine - be it at government agencies, hospital or bubble tea shop.

Lee zhong han  2020-07-14 11:57:02

The problem has been clearly defined by the team. I appreciate that the team has put in much effort into understanding the needs of the end user and coming up with a product intervention that is affordable and easily accessible.

DK  2020-07-14 10:39:49

It's a well-thought project that caters to the hearing impaired community and the part about integrating the app into HPB step trackers will benefit many users without incurring much cost. Kudos to the team!


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