Pay To Stay On Earth
Sustainability Isn’t Just Physical

Many might think that the term ‘sustainability’ can only be linked to physical components - but did you know that there is sustainable finance as well? Team Pay To Stay On Earth has found that there’s much to do in this area, in terms of the support to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals especially in these unprecedented times!

With the help from the Youth Action Challenge, the team aims to provide the link between Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the relevant industry professionals to help achieve the ESG goals! Catch our past videos to discover how they got their idea to this point.


Egwin Fan  2020-07-16 23:44:01

Good initiative to target SMEs to achieve ESG goals but I believe a handbook alone is not sufficient. Your team can provide consultancy services and produce/curate Sustainability content such as articles, infographics and videos to guide these SMEs. Explore partnering with Enterprise Singapore and National Environment Agency (NEA) to engage these SMEs. Good luck!

Thomas  2020-07-16 00:19:51

I dont get this at all! Super confusing and after watching the 3 min video the only thing i got was that ESG investing is lacking for SMEs... please improve the graphics (too wordy) and the content delivery. Thanks!

Jia Jun Woo  2020-07-15 20:53:00

I do believe that this is really important and can help SMEs steal a march on their competitors through showing their commitment to sustainability. One aspect you guys can also look into would be how to link your pilot SME partners to companies that can assist in their sustainability efforts - just knowing where to improve in terms of ESG is't enough, because this knowledge would not put to practical use if the SMEs have no avenue to seek assistance! Furthermore, I think you guys can further refine the value proposition to the SMEs to better elucidate the tangible and non-tangible benefits they can reap from tracking and working towards their ESG goals.

Wei Ling  2020-07-14 22:26:00

This is a really great idea, especially considering the immense growth and contribution potential of SMEs in Singapore! Your initiative of providing a handbook for SMEs not only helps to measure the effectiveness and outcomes of SMEs but also ensures that there is a benchmark for SMEs to work towards! Just some food for thought, how do you intend to get SMEs on board with this? As you have also mentioned, that they do't really have the most resources (in terms of both time and manpower), what makes this important for them? While I definitely see the importance of this, hopefully, SMEs see it too :-)

Loh An Lin  2020-07-14 22:12:18

Super interesting project! I like the idea of benchmarking standards for SMEs — especially since most SMEs, especially in food manufacturing, are likely to be unaware of such practices :) I wonder if it is possible to have some sort of economies of scale for the focus areas (such as food waste/packaging) to consolidate interested companies? Would also give them a community to be a part of in upgrading their sustainability :)

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 18:38:50

Other than handbook, would be great to have some case studies with SMEs who utilise the tool/handbook, so that other SMEs can replicate the SMEs' successful implementation.

Jeremiah Wee  2020-07-13 23:29:52

Good initiative! I think that handbook to benchmark against industry standards would really help SMEs get a realistic foothold of where they are in relation to the rest of their industry peers. I feel that simply meeting ESG goals wont be solved without SMEs addressing their finances, scaling, or other concerns. Perhaps this project might end up collaborating with EDB or other government arms. Way to go!

pas  2020-07-13 05:08:28



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