Kampung Ubin
There’s More To Ubin Than Meets The Eyes

When we think about Pulau Ubin, leisure activities would simply come to mind. Team Kampung Ubin wishes to let you know that there’s so much more to the island! Things like their way of life and the ties to historical buildings in mainland Singapore are just some of them, and the team is working hard to preserve and amplify this.

Catch our past videos as they refine their humble idea and take it up a notch on the Youth Action Challenge!


Nicholas Tan  2020-07-19 19:37:12

My first thought when I heard of this proposal was that this sounded very similar to Pesta Ubin. As one of my hobbies is nature photography, my main interest in Ubin is the rich biodiversity there. However, as I heard about the stories of the Ubinites you've shared, I am once again reminded that what makes the island so welcoming despite the hot sun, curious boars, and it's physical remoteness, are the people. One of my fondest memory is chilling at Ah Ma Drink Stall with my friends after a bit of cycling; to be honest, I cannot remember any other Ubin moments clearly without pulling out some photographs. Some people believe that heritage lies in buildings, with arguments whether the old National Library and National Stadium should be torn down. But truly, heritage lies in the people; when everybody who remembers these monuments are long dead, they'll just become another Stonehenge. Hence, I heartily agree that the Ubinite lifestyle is a cultural heritage that needs urgent action to preserve and document. However, I would like to point out that despite the ideological soundness of your plan, their specific implementation may face significant difficulties. While the many Singaporeans who enjoy cycling, hiking, and exploring Ubin may well be interested to participate in activities that have a more human touch, how can your plan reach out to more people so that this is't just a niche concern by a select group of individuals, but something that is inherent in our Singapore Identity? For example, if you ask Singaporeans about why they're proud of Singapore, they may say they love the way the Kampung Spirit lives on despite our modern high-rise living; they may say they love our local foods; but how many will say that they love our Pulau Ubin? For future considerations, you may also wish to think about government policy. If I'm not mistaken, the Government has previously tried to develop Ubin for military and residential purposes. How do we support the next-generation of Ubinites in protecting their homes, and thus protect both the spirit of Kampong Ubin, and the Kampong as well? I apologise if this is too long, but I would really love to see this being put into action. All the best in your final judging :)

rachel lsy  2020-07-17 00:01:47

It's really a great initiative especially on the co-creation part. I think that it would be great if you can partner with schools to conduct learning journeys and engage not only youths but also primary school students. ( garnering some interest from them at a young age) . It could also be possible to partner with the relevant government agencies to promote your efforts. It would be nice to continue passing down the knowledge in Ubin. Some other possible areas could be come up with some interactive games, postcards etc. to spread the info of the island.

Terence Tan  2020-07-15 14:45:31

Awesome!! glad to see the younger generation join in and consider the kampung as their way of life too!

Wei Ling  2020-07-14 22:39:04

This is a great idea! It's important for them to be able to have a platform to share their personal narratives and their lived experiences! There is also so much that we can learn from them. Having experiential workshops is an excellent idea as it would be able to facilitate two-way interactions between the community living in Pulau Ubin as well as participants of the workshop. One food for thought is that, although you have clearly communicated that residents of Pulau Ubin would love to share their stories and experiences, I was wondering if your team has done a ground sensing in terms of interest level of participants! Overall, a really interesting project & I hope that everything goes well!

Loh An Lin  2020-07-14 22:05:53

Wonderful idea from the team, especially since Ubin always seem to be on the threat of being rebuilt. Like the idea of a more in-depth, experiential learning journey for students that goes beyond the cookie cutter trip to a governmental building. Allowing a student to breathe in the fresh air, explore and play in such a freeing environment — and learn more about Singapore’s natural history — is invaluable. Beyond students, how can we too involve adults, to encourage them to appreciate Ubin more? <3

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 18:50:21

Good to share the stories and experiences of the people living on Pulau Ubin. Learning from them and understanding from them allows us to better understand Pulau Ubin.


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