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An ASEAN Opportunity

Being a little red dot, there is a need to create our own opportunities. But have we tapped on every resource at our disposal? Team ASEAN Business Youth Association (ABYA) feels that we are not drawing on an expansive resource - ASEAN!

Current ASEAN related initiatives are only likely to target entrepreneurs or service-based volunteerism. With that, the team aims to change this mindset and create more opportunities for youth to harness this power. Catch our past videos to discover their journey and experiences in the Youth Action Challenge!


Arun Kumar  2020-07-19 19:35:17

This is a great idea! Would love to see it be scaled up!

Alethea  2020-07-19 01:34:43

Hey guys, this is an awesome initiative!

Kelvin  2020-07-17 19:28:23

Great work ABYA!

Kelvin  2020-07-17 19:28:22

Great work ABYA!

Rebecca  2020-07-17 12:22:56

ABYA is definitely one of a kind platform which allows youths to tap on their strengths to work alongside with other talented youths in the ASEAN market. Excited for the future of ABYA!

Katrina Abenojar  2020-07-17 11:50:00

Great work by ABYA!

Jingwen  2020-07-17 00:50:24

Beyond recognizing that there is a lack of awareness of the potential of ASEAN among youths, the team has taken a step further to develop multi-faceted programs to build up an ASEAN-ready youth community! Great work!

Teng Weiwen  2020-07-16 23:52:08

The ABYA team presents a cogent solution to the apathy that many youths today feel towards ASEAN. In our rapidly developing world, Singapore cannot afford to lose out on the opportunities that a closer relationship with our neighbors would generate. Needless to say, we especially cannot afford to let opportunities become competition through our inaction. ABYA, with its multi-pronged approach to educate and foster stronger ties between ASEAN youths is certainly a great step in the right direction. Hope that they will receive this funding to scale up their operations and make their dreams, our reality.

Ong Hui Min  2020-07-16 23:47:08

Great work by the ABYA team to explore opportunities in the ASEAN region. Hope the team is able to tap on this funding to scale the organisation and make its vision come true. With passionate leaders, clear organisational structure and the multiple programmes that the team has developed, this would greatly benefit youths in Singapore and groom ASEAN-ready youths for the future.

Egwin Fan  2020-07-16 23:13:20

Wonderful initiative to raise the awareness of ASEAN among local youths! There is potential to expand this into a platform to connect youths across ASEAN for jobs, internships and market exposure opportunities. Can also explore ASEAN-China linkages in business, entrepreneurship and technology.

Edmund Twohill  2020-07-16 22:27:45

ASEAN is Singapore’s way of growing her ‘small domestic market’. With a population of more than 600 million with a significant youth proportion that is hungry and determined to exploit opportunities, there will be plenty of growth opportunities in the region for Singapore youth to leverage on and grow as skilled, tenacious and adaptive workers of the future of economy.

Brian Wong  2020-07-16 22:27:31

Good job!! This initiative is amazing and more people should know about it!

Siti Nurfazirah Hassim  2020-07-16 22:20:30

This is a great pitch! It is good that this team decides to go beyond and draw on the expansion of resources!

Charleston  2020-07-16 22:07:13

Continue the good work. It is hard for me to convince my friends to join ASEAN related activities. I believe with this initiative, it will push more youth to become more excited to live, work, and play in this region.

Kee Zhong Ping  2020-07-16 20:31:32

Definitely an awesome initiative helping to launch youths into the bountiful potential of ASEAN markets.

Jerome Lim  2020-07-16 20:09:07

This is a great initiative to tap on the potential of ASEAN youths. We have to realize that collaboration and healthy competition breeds healthy outcomes. We need to broaden our horizons further and not rest on our laurels. We must internalize that the success of Singapore today has co-dependencies on the success of ASEAN. ABYA is a good step in the right direction aligned to the three pillars above. All the best!

Chen Shichang  2020-07-16 15:24:03

Great to see the impact is not just focusing on Singapore alone, but also the ASEAN countries. Tapping on resources and stakeholders in each countries, I believe this initiative will go far.

Britaney  2020-07-16 15:20:26

An insightful presentation and resourceful idea to tap onto the ASEAN market for collaboration and progress, given the big potential ASEAN has as a hub for learning new skill sets and exchanging ideas. Looking forward to hearing more about the project and on its progress!

Jing Zhi Sia  2020-07-16 14:29:19

Being part of the ABYA Sub Com, I am really thankful to be given the chance to groom my soft skills and to be working together with the other members of ABYA (A chance for me to meet new faces). ABYA has also given me a lot of opportunities to learn more about ASEAN and they have been actively engaging with speakers to organize webinars during this CB period to share their experiences and knowledge regarding the ASEAN region. ABYA has gone the extra mile and taught more about what is't included in the education system and personally I feel that it is extremely relevant especially in this era. Thank you ABYA, and I look forward to the journey ahead!

Victor Go  2020-07-16 14:28:37

Hey guys! Fantastic work! Keep it up!

Shermaine Tay  2020-07-16 14:09:11

Learning opportunities are in abundance and ASEAN is one of the best avenues. Inculcating an open minded view would greatly benefit our growth. All the best to ABYA and their initiatives for the youths.

Medd0ws  2020-07-16 12:35:24

I think ABYA is an innovative platform to engage youth from Singapore and ASEAN in regional matters. Hope to see what comes next!

Bosco  2020-07-16 12:01:21

This is really interesting! Great road map and solutions to transform the mindset of youths about ASEAN.

Ngoc  2020-07-16 11:30:40

Understanding about ASEAN is essential but not many young people are aware about it. ABYA really tackles the issue. Hope they can succeed with their work

Effendy Tanuwidjaja  2020-07-16 11:25:48

I think ABYA is a very important and bold initiative and action for Singapore, Indonesia and fellow ASEAN countries as it helps our regional youths to open up their mindsets, networks and experiences. By coming together as nations of 650 million people, ASEAN is definitely a huge potential force to make a better future the world. ABYA as an organisation and platform can definitely help to achieve this. I am looking forward to read and see more about ABYA’s works to make our youths ASEAN-ready. All the best!

ZeQi Wang  2020-07-16 11:18:24

On behalf of LucaNet, we would like to thank the ABYA team for allowing us to be part of the pilot experience. As part of a fast-growing organisation, we are constantly seeking insights and forming strategies to expand our reach in the ASEAN region. Thus far, we have not chanced upon any other initiative which allows us to connect with inquisitive youths looking to broaden their knowledge beyond our little red dot. ABYA perfectly harmonizes corporations' needs for market expansion with the knowledge and enthusiasm of Singapore's youths. Did we mention that ABYA is also led by a great team? We are in full support of ABYA's growth and we are excited for the future of this initiative.

Malminderjit Singh  2020-07-16 10:53:29

ABYA is not just an idea, it's an impactful and tangible solution to a real world problem. The ABYA team has already been addressing these gaps and doing its part and they can only grow from strength to strength here on.

Sia Jing Heng  2020-07-16 07:37:26

I feel ABYA is an extremely valuable initiative because with Singapore having a very small internal economy, we have to be very outward looking. This means that the youth--who are tomorrow's building blocks of the nation have to be regionally and internationally adept. This in my opinion, starts with the ASEAN region given its immense growth opportunities. As a youth myself, I find myself lacking a lot in (non-SG) ASEAN savviness. The formal education system has yet to be able to train me in this aspect, which in my opinion, comes with more experiential and on-the-ground learning. Hence, ABYA will serve as a valuable platform to supplement this gap!

jia min wee  2020-07-16 01:01:58

I feel that ABYA’s vision & mission to support and provide opportunities for youth to prepare themselves for the future is really important. Youths in SG are majority protected/dependent on their Family, which leads to the lack of exposure to the outside world. The opportunities that ABYA have currently and in the future will positively impact the learning & growth of youths in ASEAN.

Cherie  2020-07-15 22:27:18

ABYA is undoubtedly addressing a gap faced by youths in Singapore today. By drawing on the expertise and experiences of many, the community that ABYA aims to create will definitely be well supported in their ASEAN endeavors, be it job opportunities, internship attachments, or knowledge on the ASEAN landscape. ABYA has the potential to be the springboard for youths to start thinking about venturing into ASEAN, thereby broadening their perspectives through their professional careers. Through its resources, network, and members, the youth of the ABYA community can be constantly engaged and spurred on with a sense of tenacity and curiosity.

Fernaldy Sutandyo  2020-07-15 22:24:09

As an Indonesian who has been living and studying in Singapore for many years, I am excited and personally invested in the opportunity that this team is highlighting. I believe that many Singaporean youths will greatly benefit from the exposure and connections forged with our friends in the region. I have personally benefitted from some of their sessions and am excited to see their proposed ideas coming to fruition. Given the right support and resources, I am confident that the team will be able to scale up their impact in equipping Singaporean youths for the ASEAN economy.

Valerie Kwa  2020-07-15 22:12:55

Interesting concept and focus in the youth experience! Would definitely be interested to find out more on how youths can be more ASEAN-ready via the many opportunities your team has discussed! In the long term, this may be very useful in helping youths to branch out to the other parts of ASEAN and to equip them with the relevant skills to be better prepared to deal with the bigger world out there!

Bryan Chang  2020-07-15 20:55:51

Creative and interesting concept! Many youths experience the ASEAN region mainly through travels to popular holiday spots such as Bali and Bangkok or through overseas CIP activities conducted by schools. I believe that ABYA has the potential to educate youths on the many business opportunities in the region and will be a viable organization in the long term given the well-thought plans they have come up with!

Moses Fa  2020-07-15 19:50:15

Amazing effort and well-thought out idea to target entrepreneurs and youths. In light of rapidly growing economies in the ASEAN region, I believe that ABYA's jump on tapping into this opportunity could give youths coming onboard this programme more doors to open . Doors to find the growth as a curious individual, unlocking their potential of finding the next Apple in the ASEAN region. Not only does this opportunity provide youths with greater ideas, but also the ability to immerse themselves into the livelihood of the people living in a different and unknown culture. This would allow them to be in the shoes of others and to be able to nurture their critical thinking ability, widening their scope of thought.

Shifa' SA  2020-07-15 18:44:10

I'd love to learn more from this initiative!

LL TT  2020-07-15 18:36:45

Indeed, there have been many critiques that ASEAN regionalisation (process) exists but not ASEAN regionalism (outcome). Looking forward to ABYA’s push for greater ASEAN regionalism and youth participation in making this possible with their long-term view and sustainable initiatives, unlike current ones offered by tertiary institutions or organisations which tend to be limited to a small pool of participants. I strongly believe in the progressive rise of ASEAN and look forward to uncovering many of the current untapped opportunities in the region via ABYA’s programmes. The team has accurately identified many common pain points felt by youths and proposed comprehensive solutions - I can’t wait for what’s to come!

vlu  2020-07-15 17:39:59

This initiative sounds really interesting and enriching for the youth in the region. I look forward to seeing it being implemented in real life!

Ong Yu Hao  2020-07-15 17:03:27

As Lee Kuan Yew once said Singapore does not not have natural resources, we have our ASEAN neighbours. Looking forward to seeing this initiative bring together youths in ASEAN.

HX  2020-07-15 15:22:20

The entire initiative sounds well thought out and addresses the issue at its root! Look forward to seeing it being implemented!

Richie Ng  2020-07-15 14:31:18

Good initiative. Sounds like a good way for Singaporean youths get exposure with our ASEAN neighbours.

eleen tay  2020-07-15 14:30:51

Great road map and solutions to transform the mindset of youths about ASEAN.

Joey W  2020-07-15 14:14:31

Sounds like a very enriching programme! We look forward to it!

???  2020-07-15 13:51:45

ABYA is a truly unique platform led by a dynamic team with a clear vision on strengthening our youths' understanding of the ever-evolving paradigms of our region. Looking forward to their initiatives on building business networks and enhancing cultural literacy!

He Xin  2020-07-15 12:28:08

Looking forward to what lies ahead! Really out of the box way of approach and i think many would need this in times to come.

Johnny Wei Z  2020-07-15 12:21:54

Amazing and exciting programme ahead for the youths of today! Great effort

Zach  2020-07-15 12:07:45

Will be looking forward to the eventful programmes that lie ahead! I resonate with the view that many of the younger generation (myself included) possibly only know it as an intergovernmental organisation and some policies such as AFTA. It will be great to see initiatives that are better able to engage the youths of today!

karen tee  2020-07-15 11:57:36

Very interesting idea and a holistic programme!

Ooi Teng Hao  2020-07-15 11:08:56

Definitely a very good and holistic approach in expanding impact in the region. Great Idea and approach with clear cut action plan ????.

Amelia Tay  2020-07-15 11:03:58

Very holistic programme the team has. Will definitely sign up for their memberships!

Rahmat Wadidi  2020-07-15 11:03:50

Definitely agree with regards to the information gap and misperception about the other ASEAN member states among the youths! Great that this is an area of focus for their plan.

Yap Tun Yong  2020-07-15 10:44:44

Team has a solid plan in place to expand their reach with their bottom-up approach that starts with building skills and concluding with job attachments. However, how are they different from current entrepreneurship programmes offered by universities today?

Paean  2020-07-15 09:02:38

This is really interesting! I'm guilty of that misperception (that ASEAN has a developing economy and provides affordable holidays) and I'd love to hear more about this!


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