Everyone Can Succeed

No matter your family background, school or socio-economic status, you can still fulfil your aspirations! Team Advisory have set out to level a playing field for all to succeed.

By joining the Youth Action Challenge, they hope to further their current initiatives with the additional support and funding so that more help can be given to those in need. Catch our past videos to see the journey they took and the workshops they've experienced to get their idea to this point.


Hong Ying  2020-07-25 12:44:25

Amazing initiative to level the playing field and provide students / young professionals with a platform to find out more about different career paths, and work towards fulfilling their aspirations, regardless of background. A lot of effort has been put in to conduct the regular information sharing sessions featuring notable panellists in the field for students to glean insights into the career and industry, as well as to conduct 3 waves of the Mentorship programme. Advisory has truly helped me out a lot as a pre-university student, and I am truly grateful for their work! Thank you!

Yuen JiaJun  2020-07-18 10:14:04

Super amazing initiative. Provides a great bridge in terms of perspective sharing between experienced professionals and students/ young professionals uncertain of what to do & want to clarify doubts. Not everyone has the luxury of a vast networks and i think this greatly benefits people regardless of socio-economic conditions

Iris  2020-07-17 20:07:44

Well done!

Marcus Tan  2020-07-17 16:27:26

Keep up the good work!

Larandic 02  2020-07-17 15:53:01

Keep it up!

Alice Lau  2020-07-17 15:51:35

It is good that they provide positive and good environment for them to fulfil their ideas and aspirations

hui ping  2020-07-17 15:32:09

Advisory helps to build confidence in youths to take up opportunities and gain interpersonal skills. Through the interviews, youths gain much more exposure to different walks of life and issues that they might face in the future. This is extremely beneficial to youths as not all of them get this kind of exposure needed in schools or institutions and thus, i would conclude that Advisory is truly a gem to youths.

Andre Sng  2020-07-17 02:54:41

You'd normally receive this level of mentorship / honest advice from seniors (who would only just be beginning their careers). To have a platform that brings in experienced professionals from various industries is helps to plug that knowledge gap, and allow us students to make informed choices. It certainly supplements the decision making process of youth seeking higher education with a career in mind, and I believe this award will be a recognition of their efforts thus far, and enable them to take it further.

Egwin Fan  2020-07-16 23:38:50

Having attended some of your events, I can attest to the quality of the speakers and mentors. I have gained invaluable insights and it has prompted me to rethink my career aspirations. Education and Career Guidance is increasingly essential for us to succeed professionally and I have benefited from having good mentors during my time in school. This is an important and valuable resource that will help level the playing field and I'm excited to witness its growth. All the best and good luck!

Yuvaraj  2020-07-16 22:44:35

Advisory’s mission to have equal opportunity to all students in providing access to mentors to shape their thinking and guidance to face the future. Its all the more relevant in today’s uncertain world. I am very proud to be part of Advisory Mentor and Coach.

Edmund Twohill  2020-07-16 22:34:09

Advisory has shown that access to opportunities does not need to depend on your social-economic background. Their sessions have allowed youth to make better, more informed career choices and also allowed working professionals to give their time meaningfully, to help nurture and grow a youth’s career/professional aspirations. I wish Advisory was present when I was in School.

Dino Wah  2020-07-16 22:25:20

The team at Advisory have worked tirelessly to drive several great initiatives in bringing about - from discovery, exploration and mentoring programs. Being a participant in some of their events, I can attest to the social impact these programs have in the community especially in unprecedented times like this today. They have a great cause, and I am very sure they will continue to make scalable and actionable impacts on youths today with this funding!

Clarisse Gan  2020-07-16 20:38:40

Advisory has been really great and value-adding to the student community! I like how the webinars cover a wide range of industries, which gives us good exposure to trends and developments outside our current fields of study. Each webinar has very experienced professionals who share great insights and helpful tips too. Furthermore, I’m really impressed by the whole operational set-up of Advisory - the marketing outreach is targeted and effective, and the email reminders help attendees keep track of the events. Lastly, Advisory mentorship programme was a great value-add too, especially in this difficult job market. Thank you Advisory and all the best! I sincerely hope Advisory can receive this funding to scale up and benefit even more students.

Lee zhong han  2020-07-16 18:23:25

Great job to the Advisory Team !! The programmes are very helpful for youths who wish to gain more knowledge about different sectors and make better career choices. I have attended some online sessions myself and have peers who are involved in the mentorship programme. I just have one thought: Are the programs being intentionally channeled towards youths who are not in youth networks.(i.e. NYC/ Young NTUC/YCS) and also, youths who are from less-privileged backgrounds?

Emmanuel Perry Soo  2020-07-16 15:49:06

Insights given during the various sessions does a good job introducing youths to different industries. Commend on the value of the work done.

Neo LeHui  2020-07-16 15:45:13

hope to see more of this made available to more people and impact more lives!

Siva Adharsh  2020-07-16 15:41:47

To the advisory team reading the comments, all of you have done a really good job in creating a positive impact on the youths in our country. Till today I always thought Advisory was run by a big corportation but knowing that its a non profit led by youths has really given me the motivation to give back in a similar way to the society as well! Advisory has been a key source of information and guidance that I never expected would be made readily available to everyone. Every one of the talks that I attended has given me a clearer picture of what I want to do in my career. The moderators are always full on energy when starting the sessions which get me engaged all the time. Good job and keep up the good work guys! Do know that you have created a positive impact in the lives of many!!

Jamie  2020-07-16 15:31:59

Advisory really is the embodiment of empowerment - not just in leveling the playing field for youths in the future of work, but also providing them a greater degree of security in making informed decisions about their careers, especially at a crucial point of change in their lives. Looking forward to Advisory's continued work providing valuable insights and opportunities to youths :)

Kitty Chan  2020-07-16 15:24:04

Good luck, and thank you for the great initiatives so far!

Liau Yuan Cheng  2020-07-16 15:21:04

Keep up the good work!

Chen Shichang  2020-07-16 15:19:14

Great initiatives and impressive impact. Good to see that Advisory is building a community, and bringing the different stakeholders to work together, and have a greater impact.

Jolie Fong  2020-07-16 15:08:21

Love that Advisory is an accessible, all-in-one platform for career planning - the articles, informational events and personalised mentoring initiatives allow for honest insights and perspectives on the working world, and encourages readers to seriously consider their career options and reflect on their personal development beyond the largely generalised ECG provisions of the mainstream education system. Thank you Advisory for all the great work you've been doing up till now, even during this challenging COVID-19 period. Keep it up!

Jennifer Lim  2020-07-16 15:01:53

Great work Advisory is doing for the youth to be exposed to the difference career path.

Sherry Tan  2020-07-16 14:12:25

Advisory really helps to empower youths to make informed decisions about their future career paths. The organisation interviews people from all walks of life, from entry-level professionals to seasoned veterans. The insights that the interviewees provide are very valuable and it makes readers feel inspired to find out more about the different industries and perhaps even join Advisory’s mentorship program so that they can get their first foray into the industry that they are interested in and then find out whether it is their true calling. Thank you Advisory for the opportunities that you have provided for us youths.

Yi Qin Tay  2020-07-16 14:06:32

Advisory has created this platform for students, who are clueless and eager to learn more about their desired industries, to connect with experienced, competent and friendly mentors. Through their mentorship program, I have learnt more about myself and gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the industry and field that I want to pursue. Wishing them continued success and hope many more young individuals can benefit from this platform :)

Seah Jia Ying  2020-07-16 14:00:19

Great cause, great execution, great outreach and great impact! Thank you for making information easily accessible for all and for working tirelessly to encourage a level playing field for all :) I have been a part of some of the programs by Advisory; I can attest to the relevance and credibility of each program. Keep up the good work!

Patricia Soon  2020-07-16 13:57:20

The team has a strong and impressive track record of work and success on the ground that is worth every admiration. Many peers and even older persons would not be able to claim to have accomplished this much, tangibly, for our youth and students. You should be very proud of this. I've only seen the Halogen Foundation doing well in this area, since their founding in 2003 — with over 150,000 beneficiaries now. Advisory has already done half of that in a quarter the time. Taking initiatives into schools is the right move. The localised context presents the team a new but worthwhile challenge to ensure students, who might otherwise self-select themselves out or stereotype themselves, will be given a fighting chance to believe that they can aspire, and learn how to achieve their aspirations. My kudos!

Sarah Song  2020-07-16 13:45:43

Great work!

Wei Ling  2020-07-16 10:41:38

Hey! It is really great that your team has decided to embark on this initiative! It really helps to support students in better understanding themselves as well as helping them gain a better understanding of potential industries they are interested in pursuing a career in! I also really like your initiative as it has a great impact on levelling the playing field and providing equal opportunities!

Thomas  2020-07-16 00:21:32


Jeremiah Wee  2020-07-15 22:31:39

I was interested enough in the first minute of your pitch to google Advisory. Very impressed with the reach and the on point articles on the site. I believe even if someone is not from a disadvantaged background, they can still benefit greatly from the wisdom shared.


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