Spark The Next Job
Build Career Resilience

Is it really just about finding jobs? When it comes to looking for a long-term job, passion and drive are important factors too! With the help of team Spark the Next Job, many youths have taken a step in the right direction but many more have not!

With their current initiatives, the team hopes to champion career resilience in the Singapore community through the Youth Action Challenge! Catch our past videos to discover their journey as they refine their idea.


pas  2020-09-30 14:54:49


Florence Wai  2020-07-17 00:51:53

Looking forward to this initiative in staying relevant to the market!

Egwin Fan  2020-07-16 23:30:43

Great initiative to empower youths! Career planning and mentorship is increasingly essential for us to succeed in the corporate world. Perhaps your team can explore partnering with Workforce Singapore, Young NTUC and Institutes of Higher Learning to subsidise fees for low income students.

Lee zhong han  2020-07-16 17:51:14

I appreciate 1) the emphasis on community building and peer support 2) the well-thought plan to keep the work financially sustainable in the long -run 3) the investment into the personal development of the participants as well as the young Growth Partners // i wish the team best of luck!! :)

Chen Shichang  2020-07-16 15:08:37

Much needed in this current COVID-19 situation, where job opportunities are scarce. Love the SPARK framework, and how it can help youths in their careers. Would love to see whether this can be partnered with SkillsFuture to have better synergy, and strike more sparks!

Steven Yeong  2020-07-16 09:43:47

Many career advisors focus on resume writing, job search and interviewing skills. But very few look at how to succeed in a career of your choice. The SPARK framework, I believe, fills this gap. As a HR leader with firms both big and small, many young people struggle to find purpose in corporate life. Many firms just do't have the time or resources to help their young employees with these important matters. SPARK can help a lot in this endeavour.

Taevia Koh  2020-07-16 08:45:34

The 5 pillars of the framework resonates with me and I believe it would be valuable for fresh graduates and working professionals alike. Kudos to the team and all the best!

Benjamin Lee  2020-07-16 01:04:52

This framework is very well laid out. Glad that it recognizes the importance of having a community of peers that participants can rely on for resources and encouragement. Wishing this team the best of luck in putting their plan into action!

raymond wcs  2020-07-15 23:14:02

Very ambitious programme, I think it will be beneficial for all working professionals especially during this crisis period. All the best to your team!

Jeremiah Wee  2020-07-15 21:59:00

I am not sure of the programme intensity but 8 weeks ( assuming daily ) sounds like a lot to commit for a working professional. If the team is aiming to deploy and and reach every young person in Singapore, I believe it would be especially beneficial to work with schools to pitch the programme to final year or post internship students at the poly or uni level, before they fully embark on their careers!

Alysa Low Huihao  2020-07-15 21:58:29

Hi, I believe that with your framework you will be able to help many fresh graduate find their own purpose and better understand they are searching for in the job market. Furthermore, this is indeed timely as we are in such uncertain times and there are many who have yet to secure themselves a job. I also think that you guys can look into providing some resources for young professional who might not be willing to spend the extra bucks before they even start earning. All the best to your organisation.

chester yeoh  2020-07-15 21:57:25

As someone who is going to graduate from university into this unprecedented economic recession, this is a wonderful initiative that will provide guidance and support. Eager to see more of this!

Andrew Tan  2020-07-15 21:43:20

Much needed much appreciated efforts!

Tony Yeoh  2020-07-15 21:33:22

In such uncertain times, a career resilient mindset is crucial to help young professionals find their way. Kudos to the team for identifying a niche and upcoming market. The team might want to consider how acquisition of clients will impact the sustainability of their business model.

Sharon Lim  2020-07-15 21:31:13

Great initiative that will help professionals that are starting out

Kiven Lim  2020-07-15 15:07:56

Hey there, I saw your project about your SPARK framework, which is a 8 week programme. What happens if these people do not get a job even after a very long time after the 8 week programme? I feel that support has to be given till he/she gets a job. Overall, I feel that this is a very feasible project and the benefiticaries of this project will definitely benefit and learn something from it.


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