Project S.I.T.E.Y.
A Weight Off Your Shoulders

No student would want to choose between studies or work, but due to circumstances, some simply have no choice. Especially students from low-income families that juggles a job even after a full week of school!

As such, team Project S.I.T.E.Y aims to alleviate some of the burden these students are carrying through the Youth Action Challenge! Catch our past videos to discover their journey and experience up till this point!


Manfred  2020-07-16 13:16:29

As someone who has had trouble finding a job, this looks promising! An interesting and innovative way of tackling the employment issues that we are facing nowadays heading into the industry, cant wait to see more!

Kareem Amr  2020-07-16 04:20:56

Good job! A great way to give students relevant working experience to develop needed skillsets, and a chance for partners to hunt for new emerging talent. Keep it up!

Andrew  2020-07-15 20:58:32

Great stuff! I really wish this had been a thing back in my day (having a senior moment here). All the best!

Beverly Chan  2020-07-15 00:00:20

the pitch was very clear and succinct and i really love this idea! i think the hard and soft skills identified to be important in this generation are very relevant and applicable in today's workforce. 1. the jobs portal as mentioned by previous comments might be good to include - for the SMEs to look and scroll through the various applicant's resume and CV so that they are able to choose those who are better fitted to the job (with skills, schedules all considered) 2. one barrier of entry to this program would be how SMEs would rather get more qualified interns to do the job, and i think your solution of co-payment would be effective! this is more in the long run, but after there are matches with SMEs, might be good to consider doing reflection/articles/interviews with the students to attract even more SMEs to list their companies really nice work though (: jiayous

Adela Chew  2020-07-14 23:12:49

Glad that this idea to help ease the mental, physical and financial burden of low-income student is finally put forth and conceptualize with support from community, government and private companies. Throughout my years as a student, I have come across many of my low-income families’ classmates and friends who have to juggle studying and working part-time on weekday evening and over the weekends. Some even have to put their studies on hold for alternate semester just to earn sufficient fund to pay for their school fees and support their family. The accommodating skill training, customized bitesize lessons and providing of financial assistance will greatly aid them in finding a rewarding part-time job while letting them continue to purse their studies with fewer disruptions. Awesome initiative to address the long overdue social issue that our students from low-income families.

Zachary  2020-07-14 22:10:17

I agree with the previous comment made by Shichang: that the proposal by Project S.I.T.E.Y is similar to the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme - albeit for disadvantaged youth, and I think this is where the strength of your idea lies. Project S.I.T.E.Y would ideally close the gap by empowering youths from low-income families to pick up skillsets while enabling them to earn their keep. Concomitantly, SMEs would benefit from this arrangement, as youths, with their innovative capacity and digital literacy, are able to (ideally) contribute especially to the on-going nation-wide SMEs digitalisation efforts. This is especially crucial amid the COVID-19 pandemic, where individual upskilling and the digitalisation of SMEs is paramount in the nation-wide efforts to raise economic productivity. Nonetheless, perhaps proper safeguards (e.g. legislation or contractual agreement with community partners instead of youths) have to be in place to prevent possible exploitative practices from occurring under the guise of this otherwise benign programme.

Natale Tan  2020-07-14 21:56:17

Wonderful idea as the students would be able to gain experiences to upsell themselves to include in their resumes which can ultimately help them in attaining better paying jobs after graduation due to the extra experience they get over their peers. I do feel that if students were to work part time, companies will need to understand and also accommodate to the student’s timetable so as to not interrupt studies.

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 18:26:47

Quite similar to SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes (, except this is more for fresh graduates, while Project S.I.T.E.Y is more for youths who are currently students. Project S.I.T.E.Y can also branch out to include a jobs portal for SMES looking to hire, and allowing youths to get hired based on their newly learnt skills through the program.

Yuvan Mohan  2020-07-14 17:21:56

Amazing work by the team. Fulfils a critical need in the community.


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