Eco Road
A New Way To Generate Clean Energy

Coming up with a solution to global warming might seem too far-fetched for just anyone - but our youths beg to differ. Despite their young age, team EcoRoad have an ingenious idea that aims to produce even more green energy than what we’re doing today!

Their journey through the Youth Action Challenge has been long and arduous, but they never faltered. Catch our past videos to discover their journey and experiences!


jam gin  2020-07-14 20:18:22

Great initiative! Would it be possible to utilise existing water drains/ pipeage to cool the underside of the tile? I’m not too sure whether it would be as beneficial to place the device under PCN as they are normally shaded and are unlikely to reach the same temperatures as asphalt. It would also be interesting to see how the device compares to solar panels in terms of cost efficiency as both the EcoTile and EcoFloat could accomplish the same objective with solar panels. It would be great if we could see this implemented in places solar panels can’t currently reach, great initiative!

Chen Shichang  2020-07-14 18:54:11

Great to start small with EcoTile and EcoFloat, rather than EcoRoad. Would love to see if it is cost-effective on the implementation cost, compared to other clean energy solutions.

Jeremiah Wee  2020-07-13 22:39:39

Solid idea! Perhaps even some bridges across waterways could be built with this technology in place. Not sure if maintenance would be an issue though if exposed to the elements, and of course human traffic. 700k can buy a HDB these days, but considering a sheltered walkway of about 400m cost $1m, I'd say something hidden like that definitely could gain some grant traction if presented to the right people. Hope the right opportunities swing by your way!

Mohd Zailani Misman  2020-07-13 21:49:20

Very innovative idea & great way to recycle urban heat & reverse it to make a cooler Singapore. Impressive way to start a mega project thru smaller projects that never deviate from the original concept & aim. Good vision & mission oriented project.

Cherynn  2020-07-13 16:21:12

Great idea! I like how ecotile and ecofloat are small projects leading up tot he grand scale of implementing eco roads in future, hopefully! Looking forward to a greener Singapore. Some food for thought. 1) what happens when it rains? Will it affect how the ecotile system works? 2) will the eco float which is placed in water bodies affect the marine life or ecosystem in the water bodies? 3) how much does it cost to implement these systems - ecotile and ecofloat? Weighing the cost of these implementations and savings in energy consumption, approximately how long does it take for you to cover your initial cost of implementation? 4) any drawbacks in implementing these systems?


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